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COVID19 Support

Southeast Neighbors (SEN) is here to support you during this unprecedented time. Here are some links to vital information. Stay safe!!

Promote the practice of everyday preventive actions. Share health messages and materials developed by credible public health sources, such as Lane County Public Health, the Oregon Health Authority or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Read more about everyday preventive actions.

Here are some websites and social media feeds we would recommend sharing – their information is updated frequently.

How are you, neighbor?

Southeast Neighbors (SEN) has activated our disaster response efforts during this COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve asked our Map Your Neighborhood participants to check in on their nearby neighbors to make sure they’re okay and have what they need to shelter in place for the next few weeks.

We’re also trying to identify vulnerable, high-risk individuals who live alone and are not well connected with their neighbors. We want to make sure they have the assistance they need to remain healthy at home for the duration of this pandemic.

As part of this effort, we’ve established the community page on the “Recovers” disaster website. This site provides us with an efficient way to connect neighbors who need help with those who can assist them.

The site is also a resource for you to find accurate information and updates from Lane County Public Health, City of Eugene, and other neighborhood organizations working with us.

The site provides an easy sign-up process to privately request help, offer donations, or volunteer. You can find opportunities to volunteer that work for you or allow organizers to contact you with suggestions that match your offers.

SEN volunteers monitor the site, make connections, and post up-to-date information. To request help, offer to volunteer, or donate money or items go to and follow the appropriate links.

If you have questions or need assistance with posting on the site, contact David Monk (Chair, SEN Preparedness Committee) at

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