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As Southeast Neighbors, we care about the quality of life in our neighborhood, and we work together to maintain and improve it. Through our collective actions, a consultative relationship with the City of Eugene, participation in the Neighborhood Leadership Council and other local groups, and through our many other relationships and organizational efforts, we share great opportunities to protect and contribute to the beautiful place we live in.

Southeast Neighbors (SEN) is one of 23 neighborhood associations recognized by the city of Eugene, Oregon. The SEN Charter (PDF) describes its purpose, structure, and operation. Funding for neighborhood associations and their activities is provided primarily through the city’s Human Rights and Neighborhood Involvement program. Participation in SEN is open to all residents, property owners, or business owners within the boundaries of the SEN neighborhood.

The purpose of Southeast Neighbors is to build community at the neighborhood level and improve the livability of the neighborhood.

The Southeast Neighbors organization shall encompass the area bounded by the intersection of Willamette Street and 29th Avenue, east on 29th Avenue to Amazon Parkway, south to East 30th Avenue, and the Eugene city limits to the east. From there, the boundary follows the city limits to the south. From there the boundary follows the city limits south to their intersection with Willamette Street, then north along Willamette Street north to the intersection of Willamette Street and 29th Avenue.

Southeast Neighbors is represented by Ward Two Council Member Matt Keating.

Approximately 13,500 people live in SEN. Up to 10 volunteers serve on the SEN Board. General membership meetings are held quarterly and executive board meetings are held monthly.

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