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The Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 10am Hideaway Bakery. The meeting was held on April 18th and 5 people were in attendance.

We discussed:

  • Gas Powered Leaf Blowers (GPLB)
  • An educational article for SEN neighbors regarding GPLBs will be reviewed by the SEN Board in early May, in anticipation of it being broadcast to the neighborhood. This article is a result of the GPLB survey sent out earlier this year.
  • Senate Bill 525 (at the state level) has been referred to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. This bill directs the Environmental Quality Commission “to adopt standards prohibiting engine exhaust and evaporative emissions from new small nonroad engines beginning January 1, 2026, unless a later date is required by federal Clean Air Act.” Full information about the bill can be found here:
  • The City of Eugene Sustainability Commission put forth a proposal for a Gas-powered Leaf Blower Exploratory Committee at its most recent monthly meeting on April 19th.
    • The Committee voted unanimously to create the GPLB Committee and is awaiting Council approval. 
  • Monthly ESC educational pieces
  • In line with the GPLB educational material coming out in May, future monthly environmental stewardship articles will be created and sent to the SEN Board for approval prior to dissemination to SEN neighbors.
    • Topics will include home composting, waterwise tips, ways to increase biodiversity in one’s yard, and how an idea becomes Oregon law.
  • Plastics Reduction, locally and state-wide
  • Current progress on state legislation on plastics reduction was briefly discussed. Two of the three bills (SBs 543 and 545) have now passed the House and are working their way to Oregon’s Governor.
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