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by Jen Connors, EWEB Communications Team

This past year reminded us all of the importance of preparing for emergencies. The Covid-19 pandemic alongside a devastating wildfire in our watershed tested our community’s resiliency and ability to manage multiple risks.

At EWEB, when we speak of “resiliency,” we don’t mean preventing damage. No infrastructure can be completely immune to disruption from storms, earthquakes, or other extreme events. Rather, resiliency measures enable electric and water systems to continue operating despite damage or return quickly to normal operations when outages do occur.

As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, EWEB is serious about making the necessary investments to ensure we can provide safe and reliable water and electricity.

Our Resiliency Priorities
* Improving extreme weather preparedness and response
* Replacing and reinforcing aging infrastructure
* Developing redundant power and water sources and alternative delivery infrastructure

Learn more about investments in drinking water, electric system resiliency, and wildfire safety.

Prepare to Protect
Each September, we set aside some time think about preparedness and what it means for EWEB, our customers and our community. The theme for this year’s National Preparedness Month is “Prepare to Protect,” which highlights how preparing for disaster is one way to protect what we love—our families, our homes, our neighbors, and our community.

This year, EWEB is featuring a series of public service announcements on our social media channels designed to share how we are preparing our water and electric supply and infrastructure to be more resilient to the challenges we face – and what community members can do to be ready. We have also created a new National Preparedness Month website that features tips and resources such as:

* How to find the Emergency Water Station closest to your home
* Wildfire safety and prevention
* Preparing for winter storms
* Tips for landlords
* How to join the Pledge to Prepare
* EWEB’s backup generator program

Be sure to check out EWEB’s National Preparedness Month website and follow us for preparedness tips and resources.

National Preparedness Month

Sign up for the Southeast Neighbors Preparedness Committee

Check out our Wildfire Evacuation Tabletop Exercise

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