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About Ready SE

The mission of Ready Southeast is to empower Southeast Eugene residents to create a resilient and supportive community, prepared for emergencies and disasters through collaboration, communication, practice, and community engagement.

A table describing various threats with their likelihood and impact levels.The Southeast Neighborhood in Eugene is a diverse area with over 13,000 residents living in around 6,000 households, making up about 8% of the city’s population. The neighborhood includes schools, businesses, different types of housing, and natural areas like forests and wetlands. These natural resources are home to various plants and animals, and there are also historical landmarks like old-growth forests and past landslides.

As neighborhood preparedness volunteers, we plan for the top hazards that could impact our community: extreme weather, wildfires, and earthquakes, and encourage preparedness for all hazards. Collaboration with local authorities, community organizations, and residents is vital to developing effective emergency plans and safeguarding the well-being of our neighborhood. We have been a Lane County Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) member since 2016.

Meetings & Events

The Ready Southeast (SEN Disaster Preparedness) Committee coordinates a carpool to the monthly CERT meetings in downtown Eugene every first Thursday at 5:30 PM to learn valuable emergency prep info while getting to know each other better. Upcoming topics for 2024 include wildfire readiness, first aid, self-care during tough times, helping the community after disasters, radio communication, providing care and shelter, and more.

We also meet on the Second Sunday of every month.

  1. Radio Communications Test: Second Sunday at 7 PM
  2. Monthly Check-In: Second Sunday at 7:30 PM (meeting notes here)

We coordinate drills and field exercises twice a year and plan the topic for a neighborhood meeting at least once a year. Planners and logistics coordinators are always a need.

Current Projects & Volunteer Opportunities

  • Updating our neighborhood specific disaster plan:  In a major disaster, police, fire, and medical personnel will be overwhelmed and unable to assist residents in our neighborhood immediately. That’s why we’ve developed a plan to support and care for one another until outside help arrives.
  • Neighborhood Mapping: Help us develop an inventory of local assets and community resources within our neighborhood. 
  • Emergency Supply Cache: Need a volunteer to map out the supply lockboxes and contents and consider relocations to serve the area strategically.
  • Monthly regular radio practice sessions: As part of our disaster planning, we’ve split the neighborhood into ten areas to facilitate a FRS and HAM radio communications network to share information about downed trees, power outages, injuries, and updates from other block captains. Volunteers are always wanted for our monthly practice session (it takes only a few minutes) and radios and training are supplied.
  • Community Partnership Development: Looking for networkers to engage with neighborhood organizations, schools, faith communities, and businesses to strengthen local partnerships for disaster preparedness.

Please contact Heather Sielicki with any questions or complete our Volunteer Survey to get involved

What To Know in an Emergency

Living in a wildfire-prone area, neighbors must understand evacuation procedures to ensure safety during emergencies.

3 Levels of Emergency Evacuation:
  • Level 1 = Get Ready!
  • Level 2 = Get Set!
  • Level 3 = Go! Now!

To find your Emergency Evacuation Zone, click here and enter your address in the “Find your Evacuation Zone” search box in the upper (left) corner of the map window.

Emergency Radio Stations:
  • 89.7 FM KLCC
  • 1120 AM KPNW
  • 590 AM KUGN

If you would like more information about how to get help preparing your household or how you can best utilize your skill sets to help those nearby, please reach out to us.

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