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Medical and Mental Health in SEN

Offer Housing or Find Housing

HomeShare – Service offering to help match those offering rooms with those looking for rooms within occupied housing.

Furnished Finder – Service offering medium-term furnished housing options.

Emergency Housing in SEN

Nightingale Hosted Shelter – Provides temporary shelter and a healthy community for people who are unhoused. (503) 630-6303

First Place Family Shelter – Low-barrier emergency access for families experiencing homelessness. (541) 342-7728


Ukraine 2022 Resources

Trauma-based support resources:

American Psychological Association: How to handle the trauma of war from afar
VA resources for Veterans coping with current events in Ukraine

Learn more, get involved, and donate to support:

Refugee Resettlement Coalition of Lane County
Doctors Without Borders
United Help Ukraine
Help Animals Survive the War in Ukraine

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