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Learn about e-bikes April 22, May 4

“Shift to E-Bikes” is a free online workshop that covers all the basics about electric bicycles. Taking place online using Zoom, there will be two opportunities to attend: April 22 and May 4 from 7 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.

Have you been thinking about buying an e-bike, but have questions about battery range, speed capabilities, cargo-carrying options, or how e-bikes operate? Then this is the event for you! Presented by knowledgeable local experts, this workshop is a great way to become more familiar with the world of e-bikes. Topics the workshop will cover include:

  • Different types of e-bikes (throttle vs assist)
  • The benefits of owning an e-bike
  • Key considerations when shopping for an e-bike
  • Rules of the road when operating an e-bike (where can you ride, and at what speed)

Participants will qualify for a discount ($50 off an e-bike that costs less than $2000, $150 off an e-bike that costs $2000 or more) at participating local retailers. Registration is required.

For more information contact Karen Mason, City of Eugene transportation planner, at or 541-682-5620.

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