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EWEB: Just 11 blasts remaining for Tank #1

Dear East 40th Neighbors,

With just 11 blasts remaining for Tank #1, we have an opportunity to complete the blasting and drilling by Dec. 23 by increasing the number of blasts per week. The increased frequency will speed completion of the blasting phase of the project, with excavation for Tank #2 and rock hauling continuing over the winter months.

Following is the current blasting schedule:

Week of 12/7: 3 blasts (Tuesday 12/7, Wednesday 12/8, Thursday 12/9)

Week of 12/13: 4 blasts (Monday 12/13, Tuesday 12/14, Wednesday 12/15, Thursday 12/16)

Week of 12/20: 4 blasts (Monday 12/20, Tuesday 12/21, Wednesday 12/22, Thursday 12/23)

Scheduled blasts will occur between 1-1:30 p.m. The actual blast will last only a couple of seconds.

This schedule assumes no unforeseen rock conditions or events that could delay the drilling and blasting process. We will notify neighbor of any needed changes.

Blasting safety reminders

Horn safety signals will sound 5 minutes and 1 minute before the blast and at the conclusion of the blast.

If you are near the construction site and hear a horn signal, please be aware blasting activity will occur shortly and follow instructions of site personnel or any additional signage that may be posted.

Update on excavation for Tank #2

Excavation for Tank #2 is proceeding ahead of schedule. So far, the contractor has been able to rely on excavators (diggers) to remove the underlying soil and rock for the second tank. As we reach the final 10-20% of excavation, additional methods may be needed depending on the type of rock encountered. We are hopeful that blasting might be avoided for Tank #2, but if the rock becomes too hard, a short period of blasting or mechanical excavation with an impact hammer might be necessary.

Within the next few weeks, the contractor will be able to determine the methods necessary to complete excavation for Tank #2.

Contact us with questions

If you have questions or input, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the project team at 541-685-7899 or Emails sent to this address will reach:

Laura Farthing, Project Manager/Senior Civil Engineer
Jen Connors, Communications Supervisor
Jeannine Parisi, Customer Relationship Manager
Wally McCullough, Water Engineering Supervisor

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