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Friends of Tugman – December 2022 Report


  • We held several volunteer work events in early December to complete our planting initiative of approximately 200 native trees, shrubs, forbs, and grasses in the park’s north end near E. 36th Ave. We hope to plant numerous camas and buttercup seeds in this area as well, once received from the City P&OS Native Plant Nursery.
  • We did not meet up for volunteer work events on 12/14 and 12/28 due to a well needed rest from Tugger activities and holiday conflicts. Our next bi-weekly volunteer work event is scheduled for Wednesday, January 11th 10:00 am – 12 noon (weather dependent)
  • Our submitted planting plan to P&OS for additional trees in the central lawn near the creek side pathway as well as a plan to remediate an overgrown invasive grassy area just south of the plaque circle in the north end are still under scrutiny by various P&OS stakeholders.
  • Likewise, we have yet to receive confirmation from P&OS regarding the remaining funds from the 2018 Bond/Levy to be used at Tugman Park. We would like to initiate public outreach activities once we receive confirmation of the amount of remaining funds and the timeline for their use.
  • We plan to discuss with P&OS the removal of a large unhealthy Douglas Fir tree in the park’s north end near the drinking fountain.
  • We continue to post notifications to Park Watch regarding unauthorized camping and trash dumping. We continue to request a replacement trash receptacle for the park’s north end (along 36th Ave.) where trash is often dumped near the location of the former garbage can that was removed several weeks ago.
  • We plan to have a large Tugger contingent of volunteers at the upcoming Amazon Creek Tree Planting events on 1/21 & 2/25 sponsored by City P&OS, SEN ESC and the Obsidians.
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