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Friends of Tugman – June 2023 Report


The Friends of Tugman (aka The Tuggers) typically meet every other Wednesday from 10:00 am – 12 noon somewhere in Tugman Park. Exact time and park location is dependent on weather conditions and current project.


  • We held three volunteer work events in June:  6/3, 6/14 & 6/28
  • June 3rd highlights:  we held a special Saturday work event, Tugman Spring Spruce Up, in order to recruit new volunteers that can’t make our usual Wednesday events. We had (14) participants (6 Core Tuggers and 8 new folks). We weeded and mulched several planted beds in the park’s north end.
  • June 14th highlights: we weeded around numerous trees in the park’s south slope, Fawn Lily Rise. We utilized electric string trimmers from P&OS and completed weeding on (9) trees along the FLR pathway and up along 39th Ave. After completing this, we moved into the central and northern portions of the park and weeded around numerous native plants in the Natural Area.
  • June 28th highlights: we continued weeding and mulching in the park’s north end, restoring areas for future planting projects
  • Irrigation of the somewhat newly planted native species has begun in earnest with the onset of summer temperatures. P&OS provided us with a quick connect irrigation device and the authority to utilize the tap in the park’s north end which makes watering these plants so much more easy and efficient. Prior to this access, we were irrigating with bucket brigades from Amazon Creek.
  • The dead Douglas Fir tree was removed from the park’s north end plaque circle area in late June through approval of the P&OS Waterways team utilizing a private contractor. An approximate 25 ft. snag was left for wildlife use.
  • Our Fawn Lily Rise proposed project for additional trees and shrubs was not approved by P&OS for several reasons and now we’re discussing a Prairie Restoration type project for this space which will most likely meet with P&OS desires for this area.
  • Our Tugman restoration work has now been listed with the non-profit organization Homegrown National Park ( Currently it is co-listed along with one Tugger’s private yard in the nearby neighborhood but efforts are underway for P&OS to establish their own account whereby Tugman Park and other restored parks and open spaces within the system will have separate listings.
  • Our regularly scheduled bi-weekly Wednesday volunteer work events for July 2023 are:  7/12 & 7/26 (10:00 am – 12 noon).
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