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Transit Tomorrow remains officially paused. Southeast Neighbor Rachel Smith Anderson requested and received the alternative plan that was to be presented at the (cancelled) LTD Board meeting on March 18, 2020. That map shows that LTD was actively considering Southeast Neighbor Jess Tuerk Roshak’s proposed “Infinity Loop.” Her design would connect Amazon Station and other neighborhood stations to the high-frequency bus network, and support small local businesses in community spaces near these stations. ¬†Southeast Neighbors offered public comment asking LTD to collaborate with the Santa Clara Neighborhood and to support its vision for the Hunsaker site near the Santa Clara LTD station.

ACTION NEEDED: Please help us understand our neighborhood’s bus preferences better by taking this survey (4 minutes)

SEN is currently working to 1) spread information about the dramatic bus system redesign proposed by Lane Transit District and 2) helping LTD planners understand the needs and wants of our neighbors better so that more residents can benefit from improved, high quality bus service rather than experience cuts.

The Transit Tomorrow plan is based on the theory that providing increased frequency in the densest corridors would encourage higher overall system ridership. Because their fleet would stay the same size, route cuts would be necessary in other places around the city. The hardest hit area, in terms of removing existing bus service and reallocating it elsewhere, would be the South Eugene area.

Due in part to feedback provided by over 200 Southeast Eugene neighbors who showed up to speak out at the November General Meeting, LTD pushed back a final vote on Transit Tomorrow until June 2020.

View the entire Transit Tomorrow proposal here

The 54 Bus Stops LTD Proposes To Close In Southeast Eugene (English and Spanish)

Sign the petition to express support to keep neighborhood access to buses in Eugene*

**Please note that this petition is not managed by SEN and by signing any petition on, you agree to their terms and conditions, which may include receiving emails or updates from

SEN calls on LTD to:

  • Prioritize maintaining bus coverage along routes recognized in the Eugene 2035 Transportation plan as minor arterials and major collectors, at minimum
  • Post notices on all bus stops that would be closed by Transit Tomorrow, at least two months in advance of the LTD Board vote
  • Recognize and honor the importance of frequent bus coverage along the main north-south Hilyard/Amazon transportation corridor
  • Listen to the needs of Southeast Neighbors who would lose their current transit service under this plan, including low-income, elders, renters, non-English speakers, students, commuting employees, and riders with disabilities, and devise a complete mitigation plan prior to implementing bus route changes
  • Establish an LTD Data Monitoring Program, should Transit Tomorrow be adopted, to track its effect on ridership
  • Expand service to the Ridgeline Trail, enabling through-hikers from Suzanne Arlie Park to Blanton Ridge (and rename #24 Donald as #24 Ridgeline)

Volunteers regularly meet on Thursdays at noon at to listen, think, organize and plan.  All are welcome to join in the effort!

For more information, to volunteer to help, or to request a help getting to any of the above meetings, email the Southeast Neighbors Transportation Committee.


(Transit Tomorrow is currently on pause.)
For the next Lane Transit District regular board meeting, see

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