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May SEN Transportation Report

The Transportation Committee meets on Zoom on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 1:00-2:00 pm and the 4th Thursday of the month at 7:00, as needed.

There was much discussion and neighbor support at the May General Meeting for sidewalk improvements and attention to accessibility. Neighbor Joanne has suggested a day at the end of September to call attention to sidewalk accessibility for all. We have had the digital sign-up form for the sidewalk vegetation help open for the month of May. Volunteers only have so far signed up, with no one requesting assistance yet. June 10th is a possible day when volunteers can be dispatched, if the need arises. It will be discussed in June whether the committee would like to host a sidewalk forum for neighborhoods and leaders.
Neighbors have also used the public comment at the May General Meeting to speak about speeding on their street between Donald and Willamette. A neighborhood traffic enforcement forum may also be discussed.
The grant-funded sidewalk implementation project on Hilyard near Tugman Park has been completed this month. Some neighbors had expressed concern about the bump-outs for right hand turns, and other neighbors expressed full support for the bump outs if they work to slow the speeding traffic.
Other developments this month:
– Committee member Linda Duggan met with Councilor Keating to discuss neighborhood transportation issues, and the Spring Boulevard Bridge in particular.
– Jess Roshak emailed city engineer Jenifer Willard to follow-up about obtaining a current list of other bridges and their priority on the to-be-replaced or repaired list. No reply has been received as of report submission time.
– Lucy Bambrey has finalized its letter to the city regarding the Spring Boulevard bridge seismic evaluation failure and the SEN board has approved sending the letter on behalf of the SEN Board.
– The committee asked the Neighborhood Leadership Council to invite interested parties to discuss the Spring Boulevard Bridge at its May Thursday meeting.
– The Transportation Committee is happy to see the implementation of the new 24 hour library book return at Amazon Community Center, as it reduces the need for cross-town transit and creates a more complete neighborhood.
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