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News to Build On is a customer and project-focused resource for your current or future projects that move through the City of Eugene’s Permit and Information Center (PIC). Information in this newsletter is curated to cater to projects at all stages, from early concepts to projects under construction.


In this Issue (Dec. 15, 2021):

  • Land Use Code and Building Permits for ADUs
  • Short Term Rental registration by January 1
  • Permit and Information Center Contact List

Interested in adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Don’t forget about a building permit.

In last quarter’s News to Build On, we shared that the land use code was recently amended to finalize compliance with changes in State law related to housing. When Council adopted the changes, additional motions were passed that further removed barriers and increase opportunities for adding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Eugene.
With the recent changes, and given additional changes on the horizon related to encouraging more development of Middle Housing types, it is important to note that land use regulations make up only part of the approval requirements for establishing a new dwelling. A permit will be required. Whether converting an existing structure or building a new one, compliance with applicable codes must be determined to establish a new living unit. Through the building permit review process, applications are checked for compliance with all applicable regulations in effect at the time of submittal, including local Eugene Code standards and current building code requirements.
Eugene’s land use code regulates how properties may be used or developed and is an expression of our community’s values around economic development, housing affordability and choice, natural resource protection, compact urban development, transportation options, climate change and energy resiliency, and neighborhood livability. The land use code governs how projects fit into the community by regulating details like building setbacks, allowable uses, height limits, parking requirements, and similar standards.
The building code focuses on ensuring that structures are built to an appropriate standard and are safe for their intended use. Application for most building permits must be accompanied by detailed construction drawings to show how code requirements are met. Only after a building permit is approved and issued, can project construction begin.
In addition to meeting applicable regulations, adding an ADU will require payment of Systems Development Charges (SDCs). SDCs are fees that apply to building projects to help offset the impact of new development, redevelopment, or an intensification of use. Fees are collected to help provide the infrastructure capacity needed to serve new growth in Eugene and are based on methodology intended to recoup a fair share of the costs. SDC charges must be paid in full at the time of issuance or may be put on contract.
Whether you are interested in converting an existing structure or building a new ADU, check out this helpful information sheet for an overview of requirements. You can also find additional information and resources on our Pre-Approved ADU Plans Program page online.
For questions on the ADU land use requirements, contact the Land Use Team.
For assistance with your project, contact Allie Camp, Development Liaison.
For pre-approved ADU Program questions, contact Jen Knapp, Urban Designer

Short Term Rental Registration

In 2020, the Eugene City Council adopted an ordinance that requires all short-term rentals (STRs) in the City of Eugene to register annually. Registration is required each year by January 1.
Registration is a short and easy process with no registration fee, and it can be completed online at this link.
The following information is required for registration-
·      The name of the owner/operator,
·      Address of the short-term rental, and
·      Whether the STR is owner-occupied.
Learn more about STRs at the City of Eugene here. If you have a complaint or concern specific to a STR, please contact Code Compliance staff via email or phone (541-682-5819).

Permit and Information Center Contact List

While there is still limited access to the building due to the ongoing pandemic, our staff remain accessible for all of your project needs and questions. Please utilize the following list of contacts to reach us. Not sure who you need or how to begin? Contact our Development Liaison, listed below, for assistance.
Permit Intake and Support
Intake staff can assist with scheduling a project consultation meeting, permit applications and file submission, and navigating eBuild.
Commercial Permits
Building plan review staff can help answer questions about building codes, construction of your project, and when a design professional is required to prepare your plans. They are available for both residential and commercial questions.
Residential Permits
Building plan review staff can help answer questions about building codes, construction of your project, and when a design professional is required to prepare your plans.
Lane Use/Planning/Zoning
Land Use staff can help you determine the zoning of your property and whether Chapter 9 local development standards such as height limitations, setbacks, signs, natural resource protections and parking requirements apply.
Public Works
Public works can assist you with topics like stormwater management, public utility easements, access connections (driveways), sidewalks, Systems Development Charges, and wastewater.
Inspection Support
Building Inspection staff can assist with scheduling an inspection, obtaining a temporary or final certificate of occupancy, requesting permit records or contacting an Inspector.
Code Compliance
Code Compliance staff can assist by investigating code violations and concerns that impact public safety, health, welfare and environment.
Erosion Prevention
Erosion prevention staff can assist by determining whether residential or commercial construction activity requires an erosion permit due to land disturbance or stormwater quality impacts.
Business License and TNC
Business licensing staff can assist with licensing, certification, and registration for required activities and businesses. See if your activity or business requires a license here.
Rental Housing
Planning and Development staff can assist with information regarding the City of Eugene rental housing code standards and complaint process.
Development Liaison
The Development Liaison can assist customers with gathering project- and process-specific information and supporting customers that need extra assistance.
To make payments, submit documents such as Land Use, Tree Removal, or Appeal applications, or for other service needs, contact General Planning and Development information at 541-682-5501
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