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Ready Southeast Report July, August, September 2023


                                July 2023

  • ICS Coordination Support – outreach / Map Your Neighborhood program:  Distribute fire preparedness leaflets in Fox Hollow / Larkwood area.  After hearing comments from the Chamber of Commerce, look at adapting FEMA lifelines / Emergency Support Functions to the current Lane County housing emergency.  Continue acting as project manager for mediation efforts within local organizations.
  • Exercise and Evaluation program – Invite CERT leader Andy Davis to recommend scenarios for transportation network reporting exercise associated with October all-city field exercise. No Second Sunday radio exercise in August. Suggest new proposal for tabletop involving civil unrest after events this month in another nation: “The constitution had been suspended and all institutions of state dissolved.”  What would be the local response?
  • PIO Training & Practice (Whole Community News) – Conduct regular weekly news team meetings. Discuss street news vendor / workforce project with social service partners, nonprofit, July NLC meeting. Continue to support FAN, Ready NW, other neighborhood PIOs in sharing realtime emergency alerts over social media. Continue outreach and training for neighborhood reporters.
  • Time Banks – Discussions with SEN, Churchill leaders about promoting time banks as a safe investment in our local community by ensuring that time banks are regulated and audited. Contact Oregon state senator and representative with request to support / carry legislation regulating time banks within Oregon. Goal is to open time banking to existing banks already regulated in Oregon.


August 2023


On Mon, Sep 4, 2023, 8:02 PM John Quetzalcoatl Murray <> wrote:

  • ICS Coordination Support: Prep for Spring Blvd Map Your Neighborhood meetings. Update disaster plan to change Good Sam to new site, add exercises related to each response described in the plan. Draft grant proposal for state AmeriCorps funding to build out neighborhood-proven pilot to stand up sustainable nearby neighbor teams. Would use AmeriCorps teams as resource teams in Operations.
  • Exercise and Evaluation Program:  Promote Andy Davis radio communication practice exercise on Sept. 9. Research additional evaluation methods. Draft and pilot new post-meeting survey during transportation meeting. Start research on civil unrest / military coup tabletop discussion.
  • PIO Training & Practice. Follow up to Lahaina Maui tragedy:  Facebook discussions of mandatory evacuation practice for cities.  Discussion of sirens, redundant warning systems. Support River Road letter requesting more emergency planning support for neighborhoods.  Share Wikipedia shift from copyright to Creative Commons. Ask about impact on neighborhood preparedness teams from PeaceHealth hospital closure.
  • Time Bank:  Share draft time bank legislation based on public bank bill for state regulation of time banks and exchanges. Confirm no local time bank software providers conduct bank audits, including IT security audits.


September 2023

  • ICS Coordination Support: David conducts Spring Boulevard Map Your Neighborhood meeting, using custom maps based on building layer available from city GIS site. Share supplemental information on AmeriCorps planning grant.
  • Exercise and Evaluation Program:  Meet with Ready NW to discuss upcoming “bridge seismic safety” meeting with new city emergency manager Sierra Anderson and transportation planner Trish Sharma. Trish participated in mandatory evacuation drills in Netherlands and understands the value. Discuss transportation focus – blocked roads / power lines down – for October drill.
  • PIO Training & Practice. Prep for October all-city drill. Share proposal with Gerry Meenaghan about walking trail that can double as emergency vehicle egress for Pine Canyon. Also Center Way, Nectar Way, Whiteaker. Story about Patence Winningham. As follow up to other stories relating to the homelessness crisis, Heather Sielicki recommends a new state Planning Goal 20 related to homeless individuals and climate change refugees.
  • Time Bank:  Discussions with Rep. Paul Holvey, Rep. Charlie Conrad at SEN picnic on proposed time bank legislation. Rep. Conrad does not want to create another agency or task force.  Rep. Holvey is busy through October with his recall campaign.
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