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SEN LAND USE REPORT February, 2023

Present: Dennis Hebert, Kristin Allen, Alden Jole, David Monk, Emily Fox

Discussed our mission statement as presented by Dennis. David Monk made some additions. Here is our draft mission statement:

The SEN Land Use Committee monitors, reports, and makes recommendations to the SEN Board and association membership on topics related to land use in the SEN neighborhood as well as the City of Eugene.


Land Use Committee topics cover a wide range of issues impacting the livability of the neighborhood and may include but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Planning & Zoning Changes
  • Affordable Housing & Infill
  • Development, Demolition, & Construction
  • Urban Canopy Preservation
  • State and City Code &/or Ordinance Proposals
  • Public Works Projects
  • Represent neighbors seeking resolutions between neighbors/developers/and or the city

We talked about why we wanted to be on this committee and what some of our projects might be.

1 Helping East Amazon become  a nodal hub by including mixed housing with low impact businesses that fit the scale of the neighborhood.


2 Continuing sidewalks on Willamette street so you could walk to the Ridgeline Trailhead and the Willamette Trailhead of Spencer’s Butte totally walking on a sidewalk.


  1. Looking into zoning laws of C2(commercial) areas in the SEN neighborhood   to see if there  could be a lower limit  set for building height. Currently 10 story buildings could be allowed. And easing the interface between R1 and C2 in these areas.
  2. Possibly helping the 40th st and Donald commercial area become more useful to residents.


Our next meeting will be March  27th at 6pm on zoom.

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