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Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) Report October 2022

The ESC meets at 10am the third Tuesday of each month at Hideaway Bakery, 3377 E. Amazon Drive (unless otherwise noted). Please email Devon Mann to confirm meeting dates and times or if you are interested in joining!

Amazon Creek Tree Planting Event Update

In response to the post card, thus far I have received 13 individual responses!

  • When: January 21st & February 25th 2023 (weather dependent)
  • What: 200 bare root trees provided by the city include: alder, choke cherry, bitter cherry, and cascara. All of these are suited to that part of Amazon Creek, and all are shorter stature so would be less likely to impact nearby powerlines in the future.
  • Where: The 200 trees will be spread out throughout the reach from Snell to 30th, with approximately 65 between Snell and Fox Hollow, 125 or so between Fox Hollow and 30th. Another 10-20 will be planted on the East side. They will be planted linearly but there will be gaps where there are already mature trees.
  • We are looking for about 20 volunteers for each event; if you are interested please send an email to Devon Mann

Leaf Blowers Take Two

The committee decided to revisit the topic of gas powered two-cycle motor leaf blower use within the City of Eugene UGB (Urban Growth Boundary). Committee members are reviewing current state legislation and general information.


The committee is researching information regarding the current yard and kitchen waste pick-up options and would like to see weekly (rather than biweekly) pick-up available from haulers. Not only would this increase composting, it would also reduce vermin and odors. The committee is researching the type and magnitude of kitchen waste composting sites receiving compostable wastes from the City of Eugene to best understand what is required for intentionally compostable materials such as kitchen waste bags, single use utensils & containers, and pizza boxes to be accepted into commercially collected yard waste bins.

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