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Ready Southeast October 2022

by Don Metheny

The committee met in person October 8 to discuss issues, progress, and plans.  

Activities this month include:

Exercises and Evaluations 

  • More than 10 SEN neighbors participated in the EmComm citywide annual practice & field exercise on 10/29.  Teams conducted damage assessments and reported findings up the chain to the city EOC. 
  • SEN committee leaders assisted neighboring Friendly Neighborhood in designing and conducting a tabletop discussion exercise on 10/20 related to dam failure, inundation flooding, and evacuation routes.
  • More than 35 neighbors participated in the SEN monthly radio exercises 
  • We reached out to a few University of Oregon group to participate in the Oct. 29 nearby neighbors portion of the drill.  We also offered to facilitate any nearby neighbor “tabletop” exercises they wish to organize on campus. 
  • SEN continues to support weekly EmComm ham radio nets that include all city neighborhoods.


We are discussing further use of the space offered by Good Sam.  Discussion included radio antenna installations, further security enhancements, and posting Lane County wall maps into new space.

ICS for Neighborhoods

We have shared some FEMA resources with other neighborhoods:

FEMA offers an incredible number of Independent Study (IS) courses, including these three relating to the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) :

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