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Transportation Committee Report October 2022

The Transportation Committee continues to meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 1:15-2:00 via zoom and the 4th Thursday evening at 7:00-8:00pm to accommodate different schedules. As we get new members, we need to reassess whether this schedule is preferred by the majority.

Actions taken by the committee this month:

1) Letter to LTD regarding route changes on the 24 around Safeway and accessibility concerns

2) Request sent to EPD for radar trailers on East and West Amazon

3) Sidewalk Vegetation cleanup – received 2 requests, was rained out, pending reschedule. The two properties that requested sidewalk work did not have any visible impediments to using the sidewalk.

4) Compiled and sent a spreadsheet of streets/areas of most neighborhood concern to the City of Eugene.

5) Fox Hollow DonaldĀ  to West Amazon Speed study was completed, we await to hear results

6) Social media postings regarding: an article questioning what the best charging set up will be as many renters in the neighborhood transition to electric cars, LTD’s community survey results and community report

7) Linda Duggan attended LTD Board meeting and Accessible Transportation meeting.

Other notes:

-The City of Eugene is currently recruiting for new members to the Active Transportation Committee. Applications are due by the end of November for a start in January.

-Neighbor John Q Murray wrote a piece on LTD driver working conditions as safety concerns rise.

-City Street Repair Bond on your ballots will equal a slight rise in property taxes due to rise in assessed values. In SEN, road repair funds would be spent mostly in hills area. We have no way to tell where the active transportation funding would be spent, which would be pending the city’s further public engagement on the topic.

-Neighbors are advised to ride the bus whenever you can so that we can keep service to the neighborhood in the future! LTD will be conducting a comprehensive service review starting in January, which will look at route ridership to inform a future decision about service.

-Amazon Neighbors raised concerns at their meeting about sidewalks in their neighborhood. According to current city operations,street repair bonds will not be used on privately owned sidewalks, which is the majority of the sidewalk network.

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