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Sept. 8, 2021

by the EWEB East 40th Water Storage Project Team

What’s happening at the site?

Site preparation activities are still underway and on schedule. Crews are removing approximately 15 feet of top soil in preparation for the next phase of excavation.

Updates on controlled blasting and inspections

Once the soil is removed, controlled drilling and blasting will be used to loosen and fragment in-place rock materials to a size that can be removed, transported, or crushed.

As of today, the contractor anticipates that drilling and blasting will begin during the first or second week of October.

During the next few weeks, the contractor will submit to EWEB a blasting safety plan, vibration monitoring plan, and work schedule. The plans and work schedule will be shared with neighbors and posted on our website.

Pre-blast inspections of structures and privately-owned residences will be offered to neighbors within 500 feet of the areas to be blasted. The purpose of the inspection is to document the condition of structures, foundations, and windows prior to exposure to potential vibration from blasting.

EWEB will work with the contractor to contact property owners to schedule pre-blast inspections. The inspections are conducted by a third-party contractor who specializes in this work. There is no charge to the property owner and inspections are optional, but highly encouraged.

As of today, pre-blast inspections are planned to start Sept. 20. Soon we will contact neighbors who are within the 500 foot boundary with detailed information and instructions for signing up for inspections.

Save the date: Sept. 20 neighbor meeting with contractor — SIGN-UP REQUIRED

On Sept. 20, we will host a series of small group in-person meetings for those interested in meeting the contractor. The blasting contractor will attend to share information and answer questions about the blasting process, safety plan, schedule, etc. We will also discuss construction details and mitigation for the excavation phase of the project.

For COVID-19 safety reasons, we will ask neighbors to sign-up in advance to attend small group sessions (4-6 people per session). Look for more information and a link to sign-up in our next email update. Social distancing and a face coverings will be required. And if you can’t make the meeting or choose not to attend, we will follow-up with an email summarizing the conversations.

Construction Reports & Follow-up Actions

Report: Dust blowing off trucks

We addressed this with the contractor. They are going to ensure loads are “contained” within the trucks so soil does not come out while driving. They are also going to try wetting the loads as they leave the site to minimize dust. Gravel was also added at the Patterson St. entrance as a dust control measure.

Report: Hose from new hydrant leaking

Contractor will replace that section of hose.
Reminders regarding general construction impacts

Workers, trucks, and equipment will generally begin arriving on-site around 7 a.m.

We will only do work during hours that the City of Eugene noise ordinance allows and we will communicate work hours as the work progresses.

Truck noise such as beeping is not easily mitigated as that is an OSHA-required safety feature and needs to be loud enough for someone to hear while wearing hearing protection. When possible, trucks will be routed around the site to avoid the need to back up.

While we can’t anticipate or mitigate all impacts, we will be responsive to your questions, suggestions, or concerns. Please reach out to us directly so that we can quickly address any issues that arise by email at or by phone at 541-685-7899.

If you have questions or input, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the project team at 541-685-7899 or Emails sent to this address will reach:

Laura Farthing, Project Manager/Senior Civil Engineer
Jen Connors, Communications Supervisor
Jeannine Parisi, Customer Relationship Manager
Wally McCullough, Water Engineering Supervisor

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