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Friends of Tugman – February 2024 Report

The Friends of Tugman (aka The Tuggers) typically meet every other Wednesday from 10:00 am – 12 noon somewhere in Tugman Park. Exact time and park location is dependent on weather conditions and current project(s).

  • We held two regularly scheduled bi-weekly volunteer work events in February:  2/7 & 2/21
  • February 7th highlights:  ice storm debris (fallen trees and limbs) was removed from the basketball court native plant bed; (12) native plants (Geum and wild strawberry) were planted in the restroom area bed; damaged limbs were pruned in multiple park locations; the plaque circle bed in the north end was weeded; debris was removed from Tugman Creek including from the grate in the far north end; trash pick-up park-wide was accomplished
  • February 21st highlights:  numerous snowberries from a large clump in the central park area were transplanted to the north end to infill the native plants there; a few native sedges were planted in the wet prairie section of the north end; weeding occurred in the north end; significant storm debris (trees and limbs) was pruned and removed from the wet prairie area in the north end and piled in a central debris pile near the north bridge; a major debris removal endeavor occurred in the entire stretch of Tugman Creek; trash pick-up park-wide was accomplished
  • The initial observations were taken in the Upper Prairie Restoration Plot on Fawn Lily Rise in the afternoon of 2/21 by Tuggers and one member of the EG 350 Club from SEHS; the Plectritis and lupine species are off to the fastest start of the (11) planted species of grasses and forbs planted by seed in November 2023; future monitoring is planned
  • The tree planting event in the former spray play area scheduled for Saturday, January 27th with P&OS, Tuggers and the SEHS EG 350 Club was postponed due to the ice storm and its aftermath. A make-up date for this event is yet to be determined.
  • Our regularly scheduled bi-weekly Wednesday volunteer work events for March 2024 are:  3/6 & 3/20 (10:00 am – 12 noon).
  • Two Saturday volunteer work events are planned for March 2nd and March 9th, along with the EG 350 Club at SEHS, to prepare the ground and lay the fabric tarping in the next phase of our wet prairie restoration plot in the north end
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