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SEN Hybrid Board Meeting Agenda, 7pm March 5, 2024

Hilyard Community Center, 2580 Hilyard St. & Zoom

Zoom Link:

Call to Order

  • The Board is no longer recording meetings until the City of Eugene transitions the online meeting platform to Google Meets in early 2024.
  • Personal video and audio recordings may not be reproduced in any form without informed consent of the individuals represented ie: non-board members of the audience.
  • If a member of the online audience wishes to make public comment, please raise a hand.

Public Comment (3 mins/comment)

Message from Co-Chairs: (<2 mins) NOTE: April meeting date has changed to Tuesday April 9th, 2024

Ward 2 Update: Councilor Matt Keating (5 mins)

Consent Agenda (see additional documents) (<3 mins)

  1. Approve Past Meeting Minutes
  2. Approve March General Meeting Agenda (see attached)
  3. Approve request from Tugman Tuggers to apply to OECE for materials reimbursement; request follows:

“I (John Ostrom) hereby request that The Friends of Tugman, an active SEN Committee, initiate a funding request from OECE (Office of Equity and Community Engagement) for the purpose of reimbursement of a committee member who recently purchased a 12.5’ x 432’ (600 sq. yards.) roll of woven stabilization fabric from H.D. Fowler Company in Eugene. The cost of this roll is $400. If full reimbursement is not possible, then partial reimbursement will be pursued. This roll of fabric will be used in the Friends of Tugman’s ongoing wet prairie restoration project in the north end of Tugman Park. The fabric is used to tarp over prepared ground that will eventually be planted back with native plant species appropriate to a wet prairie habitat. The fabric tarping helps to kill off the existing vegetation, mainly composed of non-native and invasive grasses and forbs, thereby allowing a more suitable environment for newly planted native species to better survive and spread. These plots may need to be tarped over for 1-2 yrs.”

Treasurer’s Report: Dennis (see email report)

Committee Reports (see email reports unless otherwise noted below)

  • Disaster Preparedness – John Q
  • Transportation Committee – Jess
  • Communications Committee/Website/FB – Dennis, Ela
  • Tugman Park Volunteers – John
  • Environmental Stewardship Committee – Devon
  • NLC – Dennis

May Election Update: (15-20 mins) mailchimp; paper flyers; neighbor canvasing; post card

  • Reaching out to community members follow-up:
    • Liz -Lucy
    • Colin -Devon
    • School Newsletter Flyers -Jessica/Gerry
    • Neighbor canvasing -Lucy
    • Mailchimp/Postcard -Dennis/Ela/Lynne
  • Social Event Update?
    • Communications Committee: create a proposal for Cindy Kohler for the social event portion. There are funds available. This should be completed and emailed to Cindy as soon as possible.
  • Board/Committee Member Roles:
    • Front sign-in table
    • Online Voting
    • Zoom/Google Meets
    • In-person Voting
    • Social Event Roles?
    • Other?

Old Business:

  • General Meeting Update:(15 mins)
  • March General Meeting
    • Ready Southeast Speakers (Dennis)
    • Board/Committee Member Roles:
      • Plug for joining the board/call for getting the word out?
      • Front sign-in table
      • Introduction of Speakers
      • Zoom
      • Other?
    • Picnic Committee? (5 mins)
      • Call out to neighborhood from the PC for picnic recruiting
    • New General Meeting/Annual Retreat Schedule for 2025 Summary (10 mins)
      • Potentially vote at the April Meeting?
      • February: Election Meeting
      • March: Retreat
      • May: General Meeting
      • September: Picnic
      • November: General Meeting
    • Neighborhood Meet-Ups (5 mins)
      • Thursday, March 21, 5:00pm at Provisions South
      • Next?
      • Ways to generate Board engagement/recruitment?

 New Business:

  • SEN Mailchimp (5 mins)
  • 2024: June 04, Retreat (5-10 mins)
    • Orientation for recently elected and existing Board Members
    • Committee Planning
    • And?


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