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We held a committee meeting on Feb 7 via Zoom.

1) Continued work on the Transportation Committee 2024 work plan.

2) Discussed ideas for a Transportation Committee – hosted event for the community in 2024:
  • Walking or biking the trail along Amazon Park from one point to another (e.g., Frank Kinney Park to Amazon Park) with stops in between with committee members manning stations.
  • Meeting in Amazon Park next to LTD’s Amazon Station to draw interest in making that station more of a neighborhood transportation hub.
  • Highlighting the “Blue Bikes” program at several of the rental locations.

Lucy Bambrey, at the request of Devon Mann, fielded a call from Jodi Hisey, a public health student at Bushnell University. Jodi intends to identify an area in the neighborhood that she can address in any way, big or small, to improve the health or safety of the neighborhood. One topic we discussed was transportation, including speeding as a safety issue plus the conditions of sidewalks in SEN.

Lucy Bambrey volunteered to make up a bullet list of Qs & As for potential SEN Board members.  A draft bullet list will be submitted to the Board prior to the Mar 5 Board meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Bambrey

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