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Friends of Tugman – March 2023 Report


The Friends of Tugman (aka The Tuggers) typically meet every other Wednesday from 10:00 am – 12 noon somewhere in Tugman Park. Exact time and park location is dependent on weather conditions and current project.


  • We held three volunteer work events in March:  3/8, 3/22, and 3/29 (extra event).
  • March 8th highlights:  we completed the weeding and mulching of the (7) oak trees lining the Fawn Lily Rise path on the park’s south slope. Two other nearby trees were weeded and mulched as well.
  • March 22nd highlights:  we started our natural area restoration project in the park’s north end (adjacent to the plaque circle bed) with the mitigation of invasive grasses and weeds using battery powered weed whackers and grubber hoes provided by COE – Parks & Open Spaces (P&OS). Once the initial grass and weed mitigation phase is completed, we will cover three different plots (each 10’ X 25’) with plastic tarping to further mitigate the growth of grasses/weeds in the future so that these areas can be restored back to a more natural state with eventual planting of native plant species. Additional plots in this area may be restored via this method as well. We also did some weeding in the plaque circle bed and nearby areas.
  • March 29th highlights:  we completed the ground prep phase of the project described above in 3/22 highlights. These prepped areas are now ready for tarping which is scheduled to take place next week (the week of April 3rd). Significant weeding took place throughout the park’s north end as well on 3/29.
  • Three Tuggers participated in the second phase of the Amazon Creek tree planting event which was held Saturday, March 11th.
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