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SEN Hybrid Board Meeting Agenda, 7pm May 7, 2024

Hilyard Community Center, 2580 Hilyard St. & Google Meet


Or Join By Phone:

(US) +1 413-931-1378 PIN: 223 845 764#

Call to Order

  • Personal video and audio recordings may not be reproduced in any form without informed consent of the individuals represented ie: non-board members of the audience.
  • Public Comment (3 mins/comment)
    • If a member of the online audience wishes to make public comment, please raise a hand.

Message from Co-Chairs: (5 mins) So long and thanks for all the fish… 😉

Consent Agenda (see additional documents) (<3 mins)

  1. Approve Past Meeting Minutes
  2. Approve May 14th Board Election Meeting Agenda for the May14th

Treasurer’s Report: Dennis (see email report)

Committee Reports (see email repohrts unless otherwise noted below)

  • Disaster Preparedness:                              Dennis/Heather
  • Transportation Committee:                         Lucy
  • Communications Committee:                      Dennis, Ela, Lynne
  • Tugman Park Volunteers:                           John
  • Environmental Stewardship Committee:       Devon
  • NLC:                                                        Dennis

Old Business:

  • May Election Meeting Update (10-15 mins)
    • Order of Operations
    • Social Event Update: Ela & Dennis
      • Music
      • Bingo
  • Reminder: Board/Committee Member Roles:
    • Front Sign-in Table: Lucy, Jessica
    • Online Voting/Google Meet: Jess
    • In-person Voting: Dennis & Lynne
    • Social Event Facilitators (while executive position voting occurs): Jess & Gerry
  • June 4, 2024 Board Retreat Update: Lucy, Jessica, John (5-10 mins)

New Business:

  • SEN Mailchimp (5 mins)
    • Election & Social
  • Next Neighborhood Meet Up? (5 mins)
  • Addressing lack of a ‘Human Rights Committee’ (10-15 mins)
    • Purpose/Need?
    • Alternatives to an actual standing committee
    • Board member bandwidth for current committees
    • Plans for moving forward


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