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Below is the April 2024 report for the Transportation Committee. I am pleased with some of the results we achieved this past month!


  • We submitted the committee’s 2024 work plan to Board Chair Devon Mann for incorporation into the SEN board work plan.
  • The committee sent an email to Logan Telles, Transportation Planner for the City of Eugene (Vision Zero) commending the City on reducing the speed limit to 25 mph on both Hilyard St and 40th Ave. We attached the table we presented to the City in 2022, which identified Hilyard as one of the 10 to 12 “hot spots” for speeding infractions.  Logan emailed me back and offered to attend one of our Transportation Committee meetings! We may shoot for Weds June 5, possibly at Tugman Park where we can observe the lower speed limit in action.
  • We decided to highlight parks, trails, and open spaces in the south/southeast portion of the city. . .all part of the transportation network within or near SEN. . .when hosting the November SEN general meeting. We sent an invitation to Philip Richardson, Landscape Architect at the City Parks and Open Space and Manager of the Suzanne Arlie Park/Ridgeline Trail project to give a presentation at the SEN general meeting in November. No response yet.
  • Linda Duggan, as a representative of the committee, met with Councilor Matt Keating. She discussed (among other items) the speeding problem, the lack of large signage and flashing crossing lights (especially around schools and parks), and the unsafe conditions of city sidewalks. Matt shares our concerns and supports our endeavors to work with various City departments on these issues.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Bambrey, Chair

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