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Dangerous fire conditions here through the weekend

With warm, dry, and breezy conditions Friday and possibly Saturday, there will be an increased risk of fire spread. A temporary outdoor burning ban in Lane County has been issued starting Thursday, April 15, 2021.

The National Weather Service issued Red Flag Warnings for Eugene and Lane County from the coast to the Cascades. A Red Flag Warning means that critical fire weather conditions are either occurring now, or will shortly. Click here to see updates for our area.

Residents are encouraged to periodically check for updates on TV, radio, or the Internet, throughout the Red Flag Warning. You can also sign up for notifications from Lane County. This may be a good time to start planning to load your car for an evacuation. For more information, see your local Eugene neighborhood association’s disaster preparedness committee.

Here is the full text of the Special Weather Statement as of 1:25 PM Thursday:

A period of prolonged offshore flow combined with slowly warming temperatures will lead to unseasonably dry conditions this week. In addition to the dry weather, north to northeast winds will increase slightly this afternoon before diminishing this evening. Even breezier conditions are expected on Friday as offshore flow strengthens.

Temperatures will also climb through Friday with highs topping out in the mid to upper 70s for the interior lowlands. Highs in the 80s are expected this weekend, although it should be less breezy.

Relative humidity values are expected to bottom out somewhere between 20% to 30% today and may fall into the teens Friday and Saturday. The warm, dry, and windy conditions will further dry out vegetation that is already near record dryness for this time of year.

The combination of all of these factors will elevate the risk of fire spread through this week, especially on Friday and Saturday. Extra caution is advised with fire, at least through the upcoming weekend. Be sure to check with your local fire district before burning, as there may be restrictions in place.

Last updated: 13:25 PDT on 04-15-2021
Red Flag Warning
Issued: April 15 at 1:25PM PDT
Expiring: April 16 at 10:00PM PDT
Urgency: Expected
Status: ActualAreas affected:Central Oregon Cascade Foothills; Central Oregon Coastal Strip; East Slopes of the Central Oregon Coast Range; North Oregon Cascade Foothills; North Oregon Coast Range; Willamette National Forest; Willamette Valley
Special Weather Statement
Issued: April 15 at 5:00AM PDT
Urgency: Expected
Status: ActualAreas affected:Central Oregon Coast; North Oregon Coast
Special Weather Statement
Issued: April 15 at 5:00AM PDT
Urgency: Expected
Status: ActualAreas affected:Cascade Foothills in Lane County; Cascades in Lane County; Central Coast Range of Western Oregon; Central Columbia River Gorge; Central Willamette Valley; Coast Range of Northwest Oregon; Greater Portland Metro Area; Lower Columbia; Northern Oregon Cascade Foothills; Northern Oregon Cascades; South Willamette Valley; Upper Hood River Valley; Western Columbia River Gorge

Tugman Park volunteer event Saturday April 17, 1-3 pm

Like gardening? Want to help out at our local park?

Friends of Tugman / Southeast Neighbors is having a Tugman Park work party on Saturday, April 17th, from 1-3 pm. We’re looking for volunteers to help weed, mulch, and remove invasive species in various areas of the park. These events are a lot of fun and it’s a way to give back to the community and get to know some of your Southeast neighbors.

Meet by the basketball court and bring your mask, favorite gardening implements (particularly diggers!), and your gardening spirit. We look forward to seeing you there!

Beginner and experienced gardeners welcome! Please RSVP:

LTD launches annual survey

It’s time again for the annual American Bus Benchmarking Group Customer Survey to provide feedback for LTD. Riders can participate in the short 3-5 minute online survey through May 9.

Complete the survey with your name and e-mail address to be entered to win a $100 Fred Meyer or $100 GrubHub gift card.

Whether you use the buses frequently, occasionally, or hardly at all, we want to hear from you! Riders are encouraged to share their feedback and will have a chance to win a $100 gift card to support local businesses.

As part of LTD’s health-first approach, participants can access the survey online to eliminate person-to-person contact. Printed surveys are available upon request at the Customer Service Center at 1080 Willamette Street and can be returned there once completed. 

English: Click here. Espanol: Haga clic aquí

Completion of survey is entry to random drawing for gift cards. Limit one survey per person. Surveys must be completed by May 9. Prize winners will be notified by May 30 using the contact information provided on the survey.

Learn about e-bikes April 22, May 4

“Shift to E-Bikes” is a free online workshop that covers all the basics about electric bicycles. Taking place online using Zoom, there will be two opportunities to attend: April 22 and May 4 from 7 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.

Have you been thinking about buying an e-bike, but have questions about battery range, speed capabilities, cargo-carrying options, or how e-bikes operate? Then this is the event for you! Presented by knowledgeable local experts, this workshop is a great way to become more familiar with the world of e-bikes. Topics the workshop will cover include:

  • Different types of e-bikes (throttle vs assist)
  • The benefits of owning an e-bike
  • Key considerations when shopping for an e-bike
  • Rules of the road when operating an e-bike (where can you ride, and at what speed)

Participants will qualify for a discount ($50 off an e-bike that costs less than $2000, $150 off an e-bike that costs $2000 or more) at participating local retailers. Registration is required.

For more information contact Karen Mason, City of Eugene transportation planner, at or 541-682-5620.

COVID-19 Community Update – April 7, 2021

Lane County’s COVID-19 cases are on the rise, serving as a reminder about the importance of remaining vigilant and taking precautions to limit the spread of the virus in our community. Read online

Para español oprima este enlace
This document was published April 7, 2021. For the most up to date information on the City’s work related to COVID-19, please visit our website

This update provides information on the latest City activities and links to more information. For health and safety information about COVID-19 including confirmed cases and testing data, please visit Lane County Public Health or Oregon Health Authority’s websites.

EPD warns of latest phone scam

Beware Scammers Pretending to be Publisher’s Clearinghouse

Eugene Police Headquarters Sign

Please be aware and know what to look for during a phone scam

Eugene Police has received some calls from the public about a publisher’s clearinghouse gift card scam. Thankfully, the people who have called us didn’t fall for the scam, but wanted to make us aware. The scammers are reported to have been calling retirement communities and apartments. Please be on the lookout for phone scams, and criminals who might be taking advantage of unsuspecting victims. Also many people are at home during the pandemic, which means they are more likely to answer the phone. Individuals are also more isolated and may be more easily taken advantage of. Criminals understand the current situation and will use every opportunity to prey on vulnerable victims. 

In this particular scam, the caller said they wanted to deliver a check from Publisher’s Clearing House, and ask the victim to go purchase a gift card at a local store to release the funds. A version of this would involve a federal stimulus or other check. Don’t fall for any version of the gift card or cash card scam. 

Here is how it goes: A scammer from a local number calls you and announces you have been chosen or earned some money. You are to receive a specific amount, but they want to go purchase a gift card and then call them back. In general, if anyone requires you to go purchase a cash card or gift card to release a gift, pay a fine, or get money they promise you, know that is a scam. Also, with tax season being here, we can expect more scammers to try and take advantage of people. Scammers are thieves of opportunity and when they know people will be getting money, such as tax refunds, they are likely to seek victims.  No police agency, federal agency, or legitimate business will ever require you to go get a cash or gift card. In the past, EPD has taken reports of people getting calls telling them there is a problem with their social security number being used, a warrant for arrest, grandchild in jail, funds being held in limbo, or other ploy and that the victim must be responsible for getting the number secured by purchasing gift cards and providing the pin numbers over the phone. These scams try to alarm you, scare you, or entice you to play along sometimes in the hope for a payout.  Don’t be fooled. Scammers trick you into handing over your cash, personal I.D., checking account numbers, and credit card information any way they can. 

There are so many scams out there. Many scams try to alarm you or scare you.  Others just prey on your situation, or the vulnerability caused by an incident or event such as the pandemic. A list of scams is provided on EPD’s website . This site covers some of the most common scams we’ve seen in our area, but new ones are popping-up all the time. It is easy to get taken in, even if you are usually suspicious of scams. 

If you receive a phone call and recognize that the call is a scam, please hang up immediately and report the information to

If you are the victim of a scam and have incurred a loss, please call the EPD non-emergency at 541.682.5111. 

These cases provide an opportunity for a reminder on how to avoid becoming the victim of fraud. Scams are cyclical in nature. Eugene Police recommend to remain careful and skeptical of callers: 

•If someone asks you for your cash, gift cards, credit card numbers, security log-ins, or other personal information (especially if you don’t know them well), the safest move is to refuse their request and check with the police, or find an independent way to contact a legitimate business and follow up rather than responding right away to the caller.

•Don’t give out computer or phone log-ins, personal or financial information to someone who calls you.   If you are unsure, hang up and independently find the phone number of the alleged represented agency and call yourself.  A law enforcement agency will not ask you for this type of information or request that money be sent by way of money order for any reason.

•Beware of high pressure techniques, such as the need to give information or make a decision on the spot.

•If it sounds quirky or weird, or too good to be true, it probably is.

Help FOOD for Lane County fight hunger in April

Throughout the month of April, FOOD for Lane County is asking Lane County residents to participate in a survey about hunger. FFLC and our partners track the number of people who access food assistance, but these numbers don’t tell the stories about why people need help with food, or what we could be doing better to feed our neighbors.

Please help us fight hunger by completing this short survey! It’s only 25 questions and should take about 10 minutes.

ALL survey responses are anonymous!

If you would like to participate in the gift card drawing you will be redirected to a new page upon completion of the survey.

Durante el mes de abril, FOOD for Lane County estará solicitando la ayuda de todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad para hacer esta encuesta que tiene que ver con el tema del hambre. FFLC, así como todas las organizaciones que colaboran con nosotros, lleva un registro de la cantidad de personas que solicitan ayuda para obtener alimentos, pero estos números no nos dicen porqué las personas necesitan esta ayuda, ni tampoco nos dicen qué más podríamos hacer para que estas personas tengan más acceso a los alimentos.

¡TODAS sus respuestas son anónimas! Si quiere participar en una rifa para recibir una tarjeta de regalo, lo mandaremos a otra página web una vez que termine la encuesta.

¡Le agradecemos mucho su tiempo! La información que nos de será de gran ayuda para poder colaborar más y mejor con nuestra comunidad.

Join neighborhood walk audit March 30

Join Better Eugene Springfield Transportation on Tuesday, March 30, at 10:00 a.m. with your questions or observations for the second event in our Safe Streets for All workshop series. We will build on themes from the first event to learn how to compile walk audit information and share it with decision makers to help make our streets safe for all.

Read more about the event here including how to register.

The series is co-sponsored by BEST, AARP® Oregon, and Eugene-Springfield Safe Routes to School.

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